Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning Bike Rid

I went out on a bike ride this morning in the attempt to figure out if I could ride from T&R's house to work. It appears I have to cross the river on Highway 77/Cedar Ave. Which is kind of dangerous.

Because its what I do, I took some pictures on my trip out and about in Bloomington looking for a way across the river.

Here, I found an albino squirrel running around outside an apartment complex.

Here is the old Cedar Ave Bridge. As you can tell, its slightly unusable. This is probably going to drive me onto the freeway.

Park in Bloomington. A very nice bird watching park next to an elementary (I think) school which is only blocks away from where I work. Found a new place for lunch breaks I think.

Baseball field, which overlooks the park and the bird watching area. Nice place to play I'd imagine, especially in the August evenings.

Another park I found. Nice ducks or geese out in the pond. I couldn't get close enough to tell.

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